Our history

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Under Graduate Education

Shanti Ayurvedic Medical College has all in one place. You’ll find everything what you are looking into education management system software. We care! User will never bothered in our real eye catchy user friendly UI & UX Interface design. You know! Smart Idea always comes to well planners. And Our INFIX is Smart for its Well Documentation. Explore in new support world! It’s now faster & quicker. You’ll find us on Support Ticket, Email, Skype, WhatsApp.

Our mission and vision

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Know About Shanti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

<p>Shanti Ayurvedic Medical college and Hospital Ballia U P very effectively provides excellent Ayurveda treatments and it has a group of Ayurveda Doctors who strictly follows traditional methods and systems. We have three more branches &ndash;&nbsp;</p>

Mission On Roads

<p>Education is the key for all success and achievement. we believe that the standard of education and professionalism that you get from our college would be an earning for lifetime and would be in different league altogether personally and professionally. We believe in development, organizational skills and imparting this knowledge lo our students the future leaders for their professional growth. Our vision is to proride knowledge and skills to the young professionals of this country and to help them work and integrate the principles in their career.</p>